Available services

Find all our extras for your boating holidays in Pénichette® with Locaboat. On this page we provide you with all the prices and explanations about these optional services and we give you the possibility to book them using the forms provided in the “orders” section. Although it is advisable to order them as soon as possible, please note that payment for the services is almost always made at the departure base on your arrival.


The inclusive pack

On all our bases, we offer you the ‘inclusive pack’. This service package, offered to a lower price, allows you to calculate the extra charges to a fix price, without having to take into account the price of fuel. This ‘inclusive pack’ includes the damage waiver, the diesel for navigation and heating (if your boat has a diesel heating system), the cleaning service and one bicycle (not in Italy). You will find below the price of this package for the type of boat you have hired, the country and the length of your stay. The ‘inclusive pack’ should be pre-booked and must be paid at the base, on the day of arrival.
A refundable deposit of 500 euros will be requested on the day of departure (same as for the damage waiver).
Please note also that before returning your boat you are expected to:

  • Throw the rubbish in the rubbish bins provided
  • Clean and store the crockery
  • Strip the beds

If not, we would have to charge you another “Cleaning Service”.


Nearly all our bases can arrange an enclosed and/or covered car park (see information about your base). For some of our bases, there is limited space, in particular for under cover parking, caravans and camping cars. Therefore it is recommended to book your parking space in advance.

Please note that our bases do not accept responsability for theft, loss or damage to your car while it is parked. Parking is always at the owner’s risk. The fee charged is for parking your car and not for caretaking. We do NOT accept responsability for any injuries to people either. Do not forget to lock your car and to switch the radio and lights off.


Bicycles are a great complement to cruising. The towpaths along the canals encourage the use of bicycles. They allow you to move away from the river or canal, when you stop, so that you can discover the surrounding country side. They are very useful to go shopping in the cities and towns nearby. The bases have more than 1000 bicycles for you to choose from. However, on some bases and on some dates the number of bicycles may become limited, in particular for children’s bikes. It is better to reserve your bicycles in advance directly with your departure base. Of course we always try to provide the bikes ordered in advance, but cannot guarantee it. Bicycles are not insured against theft, you are responsible for them.

Type of bikes available at our departure bases:
> Adult bikes: 24″ or 26″ wheels, 3 or 4 speeds, mud guard, luggage carrier. Baby carriers and attachable shopping baskets available on request, free of charge. No helmets available.
> Folding bikes: 16″ wheels (no helmet, no basket available)
> Mini bikes for children: 16″ or 18″ wheels, single speed, for children from 5 to 12. Helmets for children can be supplied for free. It is necessary to order them in advance.

Please note that:
> In Germany, Italy and Holland we only provide folding bikes. Other types of bikes are not available.
> We only supply folding bikes for Linssen and Europa boats.

Cleaning service

The day of the return, you will have to give the boat back, cleaned inside as well as outside. If you do not wish to do it, you can choose the fixed cleaning service. This means the personnel of the base will take charge of the cleaning.

Dinghies in Ireland & Italy

In Ireland you can order a dinghy for your cruise. The dinghies must be ordered in advance, as their number is limited.


Stay connected during your boating holiday! Most of our bases in France and in Italy can offer wi-fi modems for hire. These will enable you to connect all the devices you have on your boat: computers, tablets or smartphones.

Children's equipment

In order to ensure the safety of your children, we provide you with: bicycle helmets and arm bands. Please make sure that you have ordered the necessary items via the form before your arrival.

Shopping basket service

For those who wish, we can put together a shopping basket of essential items to be on board when you arrive.

We will pass your order to a local supplier. They will process your order and deliver it to your departure base, or even to your boat, on the day you set off. The supplier undertakes to provide you with a detailed bill when he hands over your purchases. You should pay the supplier directly. Please arrange to pay in cash. If the supplier isn’t at the base when you arrive, you can leave cash payment for your goods with the receptionist at the base.

Please note that a 20€ fee is applicable for this service.

How to order:

Enter the amount of the products you want to order
Send it to your departure base at least 10 / 15 days before your stay


For a convivial moment with family and friends, Locaboat offers gas barbecue hire. Please note: barbecues are not allowed on the boat and must be used on the bank only. Please wash the equipment after use and return it clean at the end of the cruise. This service is available in France, Germany, Italy and Loosdrecht.

Other Services

Enjoy a relaxing stay on board our boats by hiring our deck mattresses.


Taxi transfers from the airport / station - Departure base (except Ireland)

If you arrive by plane or train, we can organise the taxi transfer from the airport or train station to your departure base. The return transfer after your cruise can be organised as well, of course. Please note the following information on taxi-transfers:
The mentioned prices are valid for the regular routes between 8 am to 7 pm, except Sundays and holidays. These prices can change at any time and are not under our control! Please note that if your delay exceeds one hour, the taxi company may charge an extra per waiting hour compared to the rate available on our website. In some cases you will be asked a supplement per suitcase, pet or trailer. You would have to pay directly the driver and in cash only.

You can book the transfers from/to the base to/from the airport or train station at the base 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Please send them your request by fax or e-mail and mention your name, file number, type of boat, number of persons, departure day, information about the flight (flight number, plane arriving from, arrival time and airport) or train (arrival time and station) as well as a credit card number as guarantee. In case of a “no show”, the transfer will be debited, if it wasn’t cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. It is not possible to reserve the transfers by phone.

Transfer airport - Departure base in Ireland

Your departure base can organise your transfer from and to the airport in Ireland. Transfers are operated by coaches or mini vans (shared service between customers).
You can directly book your transfer by contacting your departure base, at least one week before departure. Transfer charge is payable when arriving at the base.
Less than 14 days before your departure, it will not be possible to book a transfer. Please contact your departure base if needed.

Return to the base in case of a one-way cruise

The one-way cruise supplement does not include the return of the crew to the departure base. Depending on the trip there are different possibilities:
> Public transportation (not possible everywhere)
> Taxi transfer on your arrival or on your return day
> Vehicle transfer is available at several of our bases

On some routes, the links by train are excellent, quicker and more economical. From the base, a taxi can drive you quickly to the train station; just ask for details.
If you choose the taxi transfer, you have two possibilities:
> Transfer on the day of the arrival at the base: you leave your vehicle at the arrival base. Please order your taxi to the departure base one week in advance, by e-mail or through the form.
> Transfer on the day of the return: you can order the taxi at the departure base, e.g. on the day if arrival during formalities.
If you prefer to transfer your car at the end of the cruise, please read the next topic below.

Car transfer in case of one-way cruise

If you have booked a one way cruise and if you are joining your departure base with your own car, you can order the transfer of your vehicle (from your departure base to your arrival base) once on the spot.

Formalities and payment have to be managed at the departure base. However, you can notify your departure base you want the car transfer through email (find your base contact details at the end of the captain handbook.) Transfer of vehicles is not possible for any vehicle exceeding € 80,000 in value or for hire cars. Don’t forget to leave the vehicle’s documents with us.
Click HERE to view general terms for vehicle transfer contract.


Damage deposit / Damage waiver

All our boats are covered for all accidental damages (i.e. collision with another boat or a building) suffered by our boat or its dinghy, or to a third party by the use of the boat. However, the captain may still also be financially liable for additional penalties if he has broken navigation rules or wilfully caused an accident. Passengers on board the boat, their personal effects and their public liability are not covered by this insurance.
You will be asked for a credit or debit card imprint to cover any fine, any costs incurred after running aground or any damage related to guarantees’ exclusions.
Damage deposit or damage waiver?
As already mentioned, the boat is covered for all accidental damages. However, the Captain remains financially liable with the amount of the damage deposit requested on departure day. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the damage waiver, a non-refundable sum paid on departure day. In this case, there is no financial liability for the Captain (except for “Exclusions from the insurance guarantees ” listed below) and the damage deposit will be decreased down to 500€.
Damage deposit
The damage deposit guarantees the payment of the sums due by the Captain in the event of an accident or in case of an exclusion from the insurance guarantees (see below). Otherwise, the deposit is fully returned to the Captain at the end of the cruise.
Damage waiver
The damage waiver is a non-refundable sum paid by the Captain, which:

  • Diminish the damage deposit down to 500€
  • Exempts repair costs in the event of an accident, except where insurance cover is excluded (see conditions)
Fuel / Fuel advance

At the start of your cruise, your diesel tank will be full. According to the type of boat and the region, the tank gives a range of at least 15 days. At your return, we will fill it up ourselves in order to avoid the long queue at the petrol station and to simplify your return. The consumption is calculated according to the actual number of hours you cruised, shown by the time meter in the boat and on the basis of the consumption as shown in the table.

On departure, the base will ask for an ‘advance on fuel‘ on the basis of the number of reserved days which will be deducted at the end of your cruise. For your information, the price of a day can vary between € 45 and € 75 according to the boat. Estimated rate based on 5 hours of navigation per day.

The heating and the production of hot water of certain Pénichettes® and Europas is by diesel. A separate time meter for the boiler will show how long it ran (Heating costs are very variable according to the season and the temperature people wish on board).

The price for fuel advance is also included in the ‘inclusive pack’. It is published in all the bases but can be modified at any moment, according to the fuel price.

Bring your pets

Your four-legged friend is warmy welcome aboard our boats. You have to pay a lump sum per animal. If you are using a taxi for your transfer, in France you must always transport your pets in a cage provided by you. Please make sure that your pet is not sleeping on the bed covers.